Welcome to our MoveCLE page! MoveCLE is a community health initiative which looks to bring more awareness to our family and friends, to our neighborhoods, and to our local businesses. We want to support and enable each other to live long healthy lives. Although you find this initiative on our business page, MoveCLE has nothing to do with real estate at all – only that we recognize that we are connected by real estate, by the earth and by the air we all breathe.

As we move out of the covid pandemic and shutdowns, we look to bring our friends, family, and community closer together by connecting with each other. We hope to support and enable healthy movement in our lives which is vitally important to maintain health and help ensure longevity.

As we go along, we will be making videos of places we go and people we see. We hope you will find them inspiring, and we hope to see you either at our monthly events or just out moving!